Save Our Bay

The Problem
For decades, the Great South Bay has been plagued with brown tides that have inhibited the growth of shellfish. Antiquated cesspools and excessive use of fertilizers have been proven to increase nitrogen levels in the Great South Bay, thus destroying eelgrass, decreasing oxygen levels, and devastating our natural clam and oyster populations. As oyster farmers, we know first-hand when the bay is NOT having a brown tide event. Our oysters flourish! The opening of a new inlet south of Bellport has greatly increased water exchange, but this is not enough. We, the people of Long Island, need to take action.

Our Approach
What’s on your lawn will end up in everyone’s bay. Our mission is to enlist homeowners across Long Island to do their part, join our campaign and maintain a fertilizer/chemical-free lawn.

The Solution
Imagine for a moment a community that has come together to protect the Great South Bay through responsible lawn care. Displaying a Save our Bay sign on your lawn demonstrates to the community your commitment to protect the Great South Bay. The hope is that our unified community will become a model for other villages all over Long Island to follow.

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